Monday, 6 December 2010

Coat Crrrazy!

Coat is the magic word over here at House of Vintage. 
Here's what's been going on..

So So amazing 1940's red wool coat with rabbit fur trim on the collar and cuffs! We sold it just last night to this pretty lady who makes documentary films. And look how cute her hat is with it!

This lovely gent picked up one of my favorite 1950's hunting jackets, and it looked so good on him! Gotta love a guy with great taste!

Oh Persian lamb coat with the mink collar, how we love you! We hope your nice new owner will bring you by to visit sometime!

The coat to end all coats.. the Christian Dior long military wool coat with kick-ass gold buttons and velvet trim! Swoon! We think it found it's perfect home with this photographer from Istanbul though, who was a very nice fellow.

Stay tuned for our next posts! We've got dresses, jumpers and capes (yes, CAPES!) coming up. Oh, and did we mention our new shipment? Yup, we've got one of those coming up too!


  1. You are doing a great job with the posts - keep them coming. Lots of love, Auntie

  2. Hi, It was a pleasure meeting you last Saturday. Thanks for your time. Here you are the link of your picture