Saturday, 18 December 2010

We Will Warm You! (in these HOT coats!)

Shearling and Tweed and Fur, oh my! What's been happening around HOV? Oh, just the usual babes finding great vintage treasures..

 Babe #1) a beautiful young lady / future supermodel found this amazing 1970's shearling coat. And we just have to mention how nice her family were too! Such sweethearts!

Babe #2) One of our original customers! On our opening weekend, she bought a stunning vintage cocktail dress and we never got a photo of her in it! So we couldn't make the same mistake twice. On her most recent visit she found a perfect 1960's blue tweed coat with the matching belt. We think she looks gorgeous! <3

Babe #3) immediately wrapped herself up in this elegant vintage fur coat and looked amazing! Her lovely partner thought she looked so beautiful that he bought it for her - what a cute couple!


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  2. If your weather keeps being naughty, you will need one of those lovelies for yourself.
    Warm thoughts and lots of love, Auntie