Monday, 3 January 2011

It's The Most Magical Time Of The Year..

..what, Christmas? Nooo! Coat season! A great coat is a whole outfit in itself, and we do so love a great outfit..

This 1950's raw silk jacket w/ matching silk buttons looks so beautiful on our dear friend Laura! <3

And another friend of HOV immediately fell for a gorgeous Palomino Mink. So pretty!
This cute little Aussie went home with an elegant 1950's fur-trimmed wool coat.

And this lovely lady actually took three pieces home with her, but one of them being this total 'Audrey' coat! Magic!

 Last but not least, the mink coat with a great collar found it's perfect home with this stunning girl. Ah how we love matchmaking!

Keep checking in for our upcoming posts featuring more capes, more dresses, and even some stuff for the lads..

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HAPPY 2011!

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