Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Top of the Pops! Our favorite 1950's Green Dress

Remember we mentioned that we'd gotten some pretty special pieces in as of late? 

Well this post is all about one of those very pieces, one of our favorite ever little green dresses..

 A 1950's Emerald green dress with two deep pockets and a heart shaped neckline - what more could you possibly ask for in a dress?! Oh yeah, maybe those amazing rhinestone embellished buttons, and a matching belt too.

 We are happy to announce that the dress went home with one of the nicest ladies we've had the pleasure to meet. A talented artist and bride-to-be, we hereby declare a match made in heaven!

(She was kind enough to give us a twirl..)

We are SO excited when we get these one-in-a-million pieces and are able to find them homes with lovely people who appreciate them. 

Lucky for you guys, we've got a whole new shipment of goodies coming this week, and can't wait to continue our match making.  ;)

See you soon!

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