Saturday, 4 June 2011

And You Can't Help But Stare When She Enters the Room..

Ah the not-so-humble dress! It can make an ordinary night one of complete magic, it can give you super-babe dancing powers, and make sure you steal the show. These are just those kind of dresses - and we are IN LOVE!
AMAZING 1950's firebomb-red chiffon dress - Need we say more? Really? Still breathing?

   Oh! This 1950's silk brocade party dress met it's match. A truly original beauty!

This blond bombshell looks divine in our vintage silk & embroidered mandarin collar dress. Old school glamor at it's best!

This babe channels her inner movie star (no really, how aren't you someone famous?) in this incredible late 1950's lace paneled cocktail dress. Wow.

Thanks ladies! Now go make some jaws drop!

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