Thursday, 14 July 2011

Hot Leather in the City !

Today's post is brought to you by our lovely Coralie. <3

Hello Bonjour !!  We hope you are enjoying the summer ! Festivals, music, parks and sunshine ! At House of Vintage the sun shines everyday, but when the evenings are a bit windy.. you will need to wear a "petite laine" ... a nice jacket!
 If you notice some fringes flying around london's streets..
It's probably this babe in our hot 1970's suede fringe jacket! Wow! 

This gentleman was moving to L.A, and couldn't leave without our incredible 1950's steer hide leather jacket in a rare size ! What an amazing a find ! PERFECT !

We hope you are having a SUPER summer...
Looking forward to seeing you in House of Vintage, mes amis ! 
A bientot !

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