Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Power Dresses

If there's one thing we at House of Vintage can attest to, it's the power of a good dress! Sometimes the fitting room curtain opens and what is revealed makes the whole shop stare in admiration.
We LOVE these moments, and are happy to share a few of them with you today. We present to you some serious vintage magic..

The lovely Susanne! Every dress she tried on looked stunning on her, but we think she chose the cream of the crop in this rare 1950's polka dot dress with cuffed sleeves and pockets. Oh, and those lovely polka dots were screen-printed onto each bit of fabric! The line between fashion and art gets more and more blurry, no?
Susanne's partner in crime

Meet the darling Hannah. She was NOT excited about having to try on a bunch of dresses and would probably have rather been at home making music. That is, until she realized how great she looked in nearly every single dress (lucky girl!) and as she especially fell for this 1980's lace bustier dress. Some like it hot !!

Helen is a vintage aficionado who hosts a successful vintage fair in Kent. She kindly came to chat vintage with us, but got distracted by this incredible 1960's bias-cut chiffon evening gown - and who can blame her?! She immediately had us conjuring images of Halston-clad beauties off to glamorous parties to drink champagne and hit the dance floor. Beautiful!

We have yet another new shipment in store, with both casual and formal dresses, and all of them knockouts.
We will also be presenting another "In Store Now" edition soon, so stay tuned, Loyal Readers!

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