Friday, 17 February 2012

Our Weekly Edit with Louise

In honor of London Fashion Week we are kicking off a new series of blog posts titled 'Our Weekly Edit'.
We will ask our favorite stylists, photographers and friends to curate their favorite items in store and show them to you guys.

Up first is Louise, a young designer from Australia. Louise is a stylist, designer and all around peach!

 Louise: "I love this 1960's green lizard handbag. I think the shape and skin are so elegant and the color makes it a little bit different."

"The fabrics and cuts from the 1940's are stunning. I love all the 40's trends coming back on the runway, but I like the originals even more!" (Like this 1940's black lace trim crepe dress)

"I love this blanket! Old Pendleton prints have such a great use of color. I'd love to have this one to throw over my bed."

"Styles inspired by the 1960's are everywhere at the moment. I think this 60's abstract flower ring would be the perfect accessory to tie into all those looks."

"I am a shoe fanatic! These Italian made, jewel-encrusted beauties would go nicely into my collection.."

All of Louise's favorite things are available in store (well.. maybe not the shoes anymore by the looks of it..) so come get them while they last! And Happy Fashion Week!

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