Monday, 18 June 2012

Maisie's Week at HOV

Hey I'm Maisie and this is a post on my week at HOV doing work experience. I had an amazing time, and I basically got to shop all week! Marcia was awesome to work with and I got to meet some really cool customers.

One of my first jobs to do was the mannequins in the window. I chose two summer dresses, the one below and a red polka dot one. I thought the patterns would brighten up the window and they are perfect for summer, if only we had sun!

I put this glamorous velvet blue dress in between the two summer dresses for contrast, and because I think it's gorgeous!

My amazing mannequin display! (I love the art on the window! It's by

I also got to style the mannequin by the front door. I put on a light floral 50's dress because it's perfect for summer. I teamed it with this pink cropped jacket to add more colour. I love the big gold buttons!

HOV has the most amazing rings I've ever seen! I spent most of the week just looking at them!

The shirts are so cute and the leather jackets super cool!

I instantly fell in love with the sunglasses at the front, but it's such a shame that I don't suit round glasses or I would have bought them straight away!

The jewellery is just fascinating to look at! I spent a lot of hours just staring and secretly trying things on!

This is definately my favourite rail of the whole shop. Some of the dresses are so beautiful and elegant! 

This week has just been amazing and I will definately be coming back to buy everything! 

(Thank you Maisie! We had a great week with you at HOV! Stay tuned for Maisie's weekly edit, where she speaks about her five favorite pieces in the store this week)

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