Friday, 30 November 2012

Catching Up

Hello Friends, Fans, and Loyal Readers! 

Thought we'd do a quick catch up today for those of you who aren't on Instagram (but really, why aren't you on Instagram?!) So without further ado, here's who's been dropping by and what they've been taking home.. 

Killer 1950's Workwear Denim Jacket and the sweetheart who snapped it up!

We LOVE this leather jacket! Good thing our friend bought it, so we can still see it around ;)

Dashing Dave in his WW2-Era U.S Navy Pea Coat! Cozy and cool, and the best winter coat.

A Danish beauty in our 1940's navy wool cape with red lining. Hot!

Looking GOOD in our 1960/70's quilted biker jacket, and top marks for being such a nice guy. 

That's all for today, but it's pay day weekend and we are stocked to the brim with some of our coolest vintage yet, so come visit! xx

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