Monday, 31 December 2012

A Look Back at 2012


We cannot believe it's the end of 2012! It's been a fantastic year for House of Vintage. The amount of great press, good times and fun new friends we've made have made this year a truly special one, and we send you all a massive thank you for making it happen.

Let's take a quick look back at some of our new-found friends and the spectacular vintage pieces they took home with them, shall we?

Lovely Lee! Looking glowing and beautiful in our 19th Century Beaver fur top hat. Amazing!

This 1920's silk dress with coloured chiffon detail was a perfect match for this delicate beauty!

1940's done RIGHT. This beauty takes the cake in our two-tone dress with orange sash. Love!

Our lovely neighbour transformed into a 1950's Bombshell in our 50's floral cotton dress, 1960's neon beaded handbag, and adorable open-toed peach high heels. Head-to-toe perfection!

Another dear friend of ours, this time in one of our perfect vintage leather flight jackets - lookin' good!

Gotta love a vintage Christian Dior Monsieur belted trench! Doesn't he look dashing? 

A personal fav! Horsehide leather jacket with 1950's gang paint on the back. You handsome devil!

 What a peach! Looking gorgeous in our 1950's burgundy cashmere coat with marmot fur collar. 

And we'll end with a little more Dior. This flame-haired beauty scooped a killer vintage Christian Dior fur coat and looks ahhh-mazing!

And that's all for 2012, Friends! 

Wishing you all the very best for 2013 and for tonight, a brilliant New Years Eve full of magic and love. xx

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