Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Hi Guys! Todays post features two adorable friends that each found a perfect vintage item to bring home with them. Take a look at a) how cute they are and b) how great they look in their finds! 

Too cute for words! In our 1970's polka dot shirt and her own little pork pie hat. We think she's a dead ringer for a young Kirsten Dunst, don't you?

And this lovely lady got such a great piece in our 1960's red velvet mini dress with high-neck lace collar.  We were told that she is an actress, so we'll be keeping an eye out for those big brown eyes on the big screen! ;)

Wishing everyone a lovely week ahead, and for those of you freezing your buns off in London, we are offering a special 20% OFF ALL FURS for the rest of the week to keep you nice and toasty. xx

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  1. Both of them looking cute. Nice dress!!!!