Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Summer Windows by Anna Ruiz!

All this London sunshine has given us summer fever, so we decided to jazz up our store windows with help from the beautiful and talented illustration artist, Anna Ruiz. 
The display is a nod to the fun and romance of the British seaside and one of our favorite decades, the 1950's!

Hard at work on the first day.. (shown here with our friend and helper Christian)

..and well into the night!

Second day.. almost done!

End of Day 2 - complete with bathing beauty in the left window!

And here is the finished product with the stunning artist herself.

 Anna is a truly brilliant artist and graphic designer whose previous work (and contact information) you can find here:

                                              THANK YOU ANNA AND CHRISTIAN!

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  1. BEAUTIFUL! And what size is that black dress in the third pic? Do you think it would fit me?? Love it!